Adult Leader Resources

About the Resources

Welcome to your Adult Leader Resources for the 2022 Youth Gathering! A team of seasoned youth workers and lay leaders have worked together to bring content we believe relevant to the work you are doing to prepare your group for the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering in Houston, TX. Whether you are a veteran leader or new to the Gathering, we hope you find value in the following resources.  

God’s blessings as you and your youth move forward in your planning. He is with you “IN ALL THINGS” through the weeks and months ahead. See you in Houston! 


So much to do and what seems like so little time… Let these Adult Leader Resources help you get started and pave the way for a smooth gathering. From setting up a timeline to budgeting and selecting adult leaders, we have you covered. We’ve even added some great ideas of things to do in and around the Houston area. Happy planning!  


Your planning is underway and it’s time to prepare your youth and your leaders for what it means to be on this 2022 Youth Gathering journey together. Covenants, building community and meeting schedules are all part of bringing everyone together for one purpose. 



As you prepare your youth for the Gathering, there are a number of important details to consider as an Adult Leader. The resources below help ensure that you have thought through everything and are ready to head to Houston!



Before, during, and after the Gathering, Youth and their Adult Leaders are encouraged to participate in Bible Studies centered around the theme, In All Things. Bible Studies, including both Leader and Participant guides, will be made available periodically leading up to the event.


As you prepare your youth and your leaders for what it means to be at 2022 Youth Gathering journey together, these resources will help you plan your time together as a group and as a congregation.



Parents play the most important role in the spiritual development of their children. These resources were created with parents in mind – keeping them connected by providing them resources and insight into their student’s gathering experience.