Registration Information

Registration Site

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2016 Registration Book

The 2016 Registration Book includes all key dates and information needed to register a group for the Gathering. Find a timeline of registration deadlines, how to register, housing options, program options, and more. This book is also included on the Pre-Gathering DVD mailed to each congregation late summer 2015.

Registration Worksheets

Registration worksheets are helpful tools for collecting congregation and participant information to prepare for online registration. These forms DO NOT need to be mailed to the Gathering Office but should be kept by each congregation’s Primary Adult Leader.

Medical Release Form

Each participant should fill out a medical release form and have it with them at all times at the Gathering in case of a medical emergency. The Primary Adult Leader should have a copy of each participants’ form. This form DOES NOT need to be mailed to the Gathering Office.

Special Needs Form

For every participant with special needs, this form must be completed and mailed in with Gathering registration forms printed after online registration is complete. See page 4 of the 2016 Registration Book for more information.

For additional assistance, please contact the Gathering office at