Gathering Volunteers

What Are Gathering Volunteers? 

In All Things, the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering will bring over 1000 loving, energetic, flexible, and faithful volunteers to Houston, TX. The Volunteer team is composed of folks from all over the USA, of all ages, gifts and abilities. We would love for YOU to serve a few hours or the entirety of the Gathering as a Young Adult Volunteer (ages 19-25) or an Adult Volunteer (25 and older).

Volunteers are a highly valued and deeply needed element of the Gathering experience and its overall success. Whether you are able to serve for a few hours on Team Flex or for the full Gathering in one of the many other volunteer roles we would love for you to be a part of the Orange Nation or Blue Crew!

We hope you will consider serving at the 2022 Youth Gathering as we seek to help all Gathering participants experience the joy of Jesus IN ALL THINGS! 

Application Deadlines


Gathering Ambassador Team Lead –  APPLICATION CLOSED 

Gathering Ambassador – APPLICATION CLOSED 

Team Flex – Closes APRIL 30, 2022

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Squad Leaders – APPLICATION CLOSED 

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Team Captain – APPLICATION CLOSED 

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) – APPLICATION CLOSED

Adult Volunteers

In an effort to increase the Gathering’s capacity for adult volunteers and provide a safe environment, new service opportunities were created. Known as the “Blue Crew”, Adult Volunteers (Ambassadors and Team Flex) can be identified by their bright blue shirts. Come join around 1,000 volunteers who serve the participants of the Gathering from around the globe! 

Adults ages 25 and up can currently apply to serve as a part of Team Flex.  These volunteers are able and willing to serve for a minimum of 4 hours for a single day or up to 8 hours a day for 5 days.  

Note: The Gathering Ambassador (formerly Community Life Builders or CLBs) is closed. 

To learn more about the new Gathering adult volunteer role, visit the FAQ section.  

Young Adult Volunteers (YAV)

Identified by their orange shirts, young adults ages 19-25 can join Orange Nation and choose from two different Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) opportunities – YAV Team Captains and YAV.  

Connect with hundreds of LCMS young adults and serve adult leaders and youth at the Gathering.  

To learn more about the Young Adult Volunteer roles, visit the FAQ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are commonly asked by those considering service to the LCMS Youth Gathering as a volunteer. Please read through these carefully as you prayerfully consider the prospective role as a volunteer. 

General Volunteer FAQ

What is the cost to volunteer?

Young Adult Volunteers pay the registration fee of $395 and receive housing.  This fee is waived for Team Flex volunteers Depending on the role, there are other costs associated with the role.  See the volunteer descriptions to determine the cost. 

I can only take a couple days off of work. How can I serve?

Team Flex is the place for you! On Team Flex you can serve 1 day or 5 days, and also anywhere from 4-8hours a day.

What are the different ways I can volunteer at the Gathering?

Age 19-25: If able to commit to serving July 7-13, 2022, Young Adult Volunteers (Orange Nation) is the place for you!  If unable to commit for that entire time, Team Flex is the place for you! 

Age 25 and Older: The Team Flex application is open for you to apply.  The application for Gathering Ambassadors has closed.  Team Flex and Gathering Ambassadors are all a part of the Blue Crew.

I am age 19-25. How can I serve?

The Young Adult Volunteer team (Orange Nation) is the place for you!  If unable to commit to serving July 7-13, 2022, Team Flex is the place for you! 

I am local. How can I serve?

If you are aged 19-25 (at the time of the Gathering), consider serving with other young adults as a Young Adult Volunteers.  Team Flex is also a great opportunity for you. As part of Team Flex you can serve for a few hours a day or even all day at the gathering. You can even sleep at home, in your own bed, at night! On Team Flex you can connect as you have time and availability. 

I am 25 or older. How can I serve?

Team Flex is the place for you!

What if I can volunteer the entire Gathering and training (July 7-13)?

Volunteers age 19-25 years old may apply to be a Young Adult Volunteer (Orange Nation). 

May I Serve as a Volunteer and An Adult Leader for My Church?

No, you may not serve as an adult leader for your church’s group while also serving as a volunteer. A volunteer’s time commitment does not allow a person to also serve in an adult leader role.  Volunteers have an opportunity to visit with their group in their “off” time. 

Adult Volunteer FAQ

What is Team Flex?

Team Flex is a part of the Blue Crew. This volunteer role is open to anyone 19+ who wants to serve for less than the full Gathering or who applies after other Volunteer role applications have closed. Team Flex volunteers are awesome servants who will help at the gathering in so many different ways. These volunteers are able and willing to serve for a minimum of 4 hours for a single day or up to 8 hours a day for 5 days. Team Flex will be found helping all around the Gathering. Volunteers of all skill sets can find a home with Team Flex! As we get closer to the Gathering we will ask for your availability and we will find a place for you to serve. Team Flex volunteers are identified by their blue shirts and blue swag!  

Gathering provides: Access to the Gathering & a great crew of new friends! Team Flex Volunteers are responsible for: Meal. their own housing & travel to and from the Gathering. 

What is a Gathering Ambassador?

A Gathering Ambassador is a part of the Blue Crew (Formerly Community Life Builders or CLBs). These adult volunteers (25+) serve for the duration of the Gathering in many capacities. They are servant leaders and a trusted voice, helping participants have a safe and awesome experience.  These volunteers look forward to serving you and will be dressed in Blue with Yellow swag!

The 2022 Gathering Ambassador application is closed.  


Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) FAQ

What is a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Captain?

Captains will be tasked to lead a team of approximately 12 to 24 Young Adult Volunteers in specific area(s) of the Gathering.

Captains have the responsibility and privilege to care for one of these teams, communicate with the YAV Planning team, Squad Leader and Gathering Planners of their area(s) of service, and be a willing caregiver for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those on their team. 

Gathering provides: housing. Captains are responsible for registration costs and travel arrangements. 

What is a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV)?

Young Adult volunteers serve as role models and servant leaders while working in all corners of the Gathering. These teams are also a place where YAVs meet other Young Adults as they are supported physically, mentally, and spiritually. Young Adult Volunteers are fun, friendly and flexible. They’re ready to help engage participants and aid in traffic flow and safety from early morning to late at night. 

Gathering provides: housing. YAVs are responsible for registration costs and travel arrangements. 

Still have Questions?
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