You’re Going Where? Gathering Terminology


Hey! Did you hear? The YAVs and the CLBs are going to sing LSB at the NYG! I LOVE the LCMS! Um… what?! Much like any age old tradition, the LCMS Youth Gathering has come up with quite a bit of jargon over the last 30 plus years. So we thought that we would give you some help with the terminology that you will hear thrown around quite a bit during the Gathering. Don’t worry, with this list, you’ll be talking like an NYG hipster in no time.

The Terms

Community Groups -€“ Small groups composed of Youth Gathering participants and adult leaders that serve as the primary place for learning, sharing, growing and fellowship. These groups attend sessions together and meet together regularly throughout the event.

Community Life Builders (CLBs) -€“ Vital adult volunteers (over the age of 25 years old) who serve in a variety of roles such as hotel liaisons and in program areas such as Mass Events, Experiential Centers, Interest Centers, Bible studies, traffic/safety support and night life. These volunteers are recognized by their yellow shirts.

Dome Events – Large-scale events at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, including Mass Events (see below) and the Gathering Worship Service.

Experiential Centers -€“ A variety of exhibits located at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center where participants experience hands-on learning about their faith and world around them.

Interest Centers -€“ A wide range of seminars and performances from which participants choose to attend where the presenters’€™ messages will center on topics relating to an individual’s faith life and life together as the Church.

LCMS -€“ The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. Learn more about the LCMS here.

LSB – The Lutheran Service Book is the most current hymnal serving the LCMS. The LSB was developed by the LCMS Commission on Worship and published by Concordia Publishing House in 2006. It offers a rich compilation of services, psalms, hymns and prayers.

Mass Events -€“ Large-scale events at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where all Gathering participants together experience high-impact speakers and performers. The Gathering Worship Service is also held at the Superdome.

Off-Site Interest Centers -“ Opportunities to see the host city through the lens of local citizens.

Servant Events – Opportunities for participants to provide Christian service before, during and after the Gathering. Servant events on-site at the convention center provide service for a wide-range of organizations. Off-site servant events provide opportunities for service to local individuals and organizations.

YG/NYG/LYG -€“ Abbreviations for the LCMS Youth Gathering often used by participants.

Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) -€“ A group of volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25. Their role is vital to ensuring the Gathering is a successful and memorable experience. YAVs serve as role models for teen participants while working in specific areas of the event such as Mass Events, Experiential Centers, Interest Centers, Bible studies, traffic/safety support, night life and servant events. These volunteers are recognized by their orange shirts and sometimes called, “€œOrange Nation”€.

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