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The Gathering came to a close on Wednesday morning as we gathered for worship, celebrating the Lord’s Supper as a family of 25,000. Pastor Matt Harrison preached, Pastor Bart Day officiated and Pastor Warren Lattimore assisted.

Pastor Matt Harrison opened his sermon (after taking a couple selfies) by saying, “I want you to know how proud we are of you. We love you. The church loves you.” He reminded us of the many ways we fail and encouraged us with words from Martin Luther: “Be careful not to become such a great saint that you’re not a sinner anymore…because Christ dwells only in sinners.” Christ is for sinners. “Jesus wants only this,” Pastor Harrison said. “He covets you. All of it is yours. You’re baptized. You’re connected with Jesus…. And all of that comes in Christ alone.”

"Jesus wants only this: He covets you. All of it is yours. You're baptized. You're connected to Jesus." -Rev. Matt Harrison #LCMSNYG

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As the Gathering came to a close, Jeffrey Meinz, Abi Tesfaye, and Pastor Matt Popovits reminded us of these truths:

In Christ alone, I am never alone

In Christ alone, I am good enough, despite my mistakes and apart from my accomplishments.

I am an echo of Christ’s love.

I have a family of brothers and sisters in Christ that is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

None of the good things I do can give me what Jesus has already secured for me.

We closed with a time of prayer in our groups that we will be a bold witness as we return home.

Photo credit: Nathan Harrmann, 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering Media Team

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