What to bring


Compiled from several veteran adult leaders, here is a suggested packing list for the 2016 Gathering:

Packing list

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2016 Gathering Packing List

  • Identification/Picture ID
  • Enough clothes for each day of the trip – Pack accordingly; it’s going to be hot and humid.
    “Comfy clothes” for travel
    Shorts (Appropriate length)
    Underwear & socks
    Appropriate swimsuit
    Comfortable, walking shoes (you’ll be doing a LOT of walking)
    Flip flops for around the hotel
    Long sleeve shirt or light jacket (It can get cool in the convention center and Superdome)
  • 2 bags for dirty/wet clothes
  • Toiletries – deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Medicine – that you take or might need.
  • Small umbrella or rain jacket
  • Sunscreen, especially if you’re participating in an off-site servant event
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch – So you’re able to meet at the scheduled times and places
  • Cell phone
  • Electronics at your very own risk and responsibility
  • Spending money for souvenirs, etc. (optional)
  • Offering for Wednesday worship service
  • Christ-like attitude & an open heart and mind

Please limit how many bags you bring – one suitcase and one carry is best. Make sure your bags are marked with your name and that you can carry them on your own. You will receive a backpack and t-shirt at the Gathering.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Backpack (Gathering will provide)
  • Bible (Gathering will provide)
  • T-shirt (Gathering will provide)
  • Expensive jewelry, watches, or sunglasses that could be lost or be stolen

Other Things to Bring
Food pantries, social service agencies and other non-profits find December to be one of their biggest months for donations of needed resources. July can be one of the times when their need for resources can be the greatest and their shelves nearly empty. Help us create “Christmas in July” and meet these basic needs for New Orleans agencies by bringing two or more of the following items to the Gathering:

  • Canned food and non-perishable food items
  • Paper products (Toilet tissue, paper towels, Kleenex)
  • Disposable diapers
  • Adult white athletic crew socks
  • Adult size underwear

Gathering Offering
As part of the Wednesday morning worship service, participants will have the opportunity to present their monetary gifts to the glory of God. Gathering Offerings will support the City of New Orleans, the Southern District of the LCMS, Gathering Outreach Grants and LCMS ministries to young people.

LCMS Youth Ministry
LCMS Youth Ministry leads, serves, resources and networks youth and adults as a community of God's people where Jesus Christ is the central focus. Every three years, LCMS Youth Ministry hosts the LCMS Youth Gathering. The 2016 Gathering marks the 13th Gathering since 1980. Learn more about other resources and events hosted by LCMS Youth Ministry at www.lcms.org/youth.