Welcome to New Orleans!


Welcome to New Orleans and the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering!

Gathering planners and volunteers are in New Orleans and preparing for the arrival of participants. Backpacks are stuffed with guidebooks and Bibles. T-shirts are ready. Young Adult Volunteers and Community Life Builders have been trained and are ready to serve. Booths and the Experiential Learning Center are being set up in the convention center. Early registration is underway. And the city of New Orleans has outdone itself in welcoming us!

Excitement is building as pale blue backpacks fill the streets. We’re looking forward to a busy and engaging few days as we grow in Christ alone.

Backpacks are READY! ?? #nyg2016 #allofthebackpacks

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Photo credit: Matthew Boness, LCMS 2016 Gathering Media Team

LCMS Youth Ministry
LCMS Youth Ministry leads, serves, resources and networks youth and adults as a community of God's people where Jesus Christ is the central focus. Every three years, LCMS Youth Ministry hosts the LCMS Youth Gathering. The 2016 Gathering marks the 13th Gathering since 1980. Learn more about other resources and events hosted by LCMS Youth Ministry at www.lcms.org/youth.