As the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering gets underway tonight, we join brothers and sisters across the country in prayer for our young people, their adult leaders, Gathering planners and volunteers. You can post your prayers for the Gathering on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #NYG2016 and #thisisMYchurch. Tonight, when participants arrive at the Superdome, your messages will appear on ribbon boards around the dome. Participants will be able to see your prayers and know they are loved, encouraged, and supported by the Church.

Here are a few of the prayers we’ve seen so far:

You can find graphics to share and sample prayers here.

LCMS Youth Ministry
LCMS Youth Ministry leads, serves, resources and networks youth and adults as a community of God's people where Jesus Christ is the central focus. Every three years, LCMS Youth Ministry hosts the LCMS Youth Gathering. The 2016 Gathering marks the 13th Gathering since 1980. Learn more about other resources and events hosted by LCMS Youth Ministry at www.lcms.org/youth.