thisisMYchurch at #NYG2016


#thisisMYchurch at #NYG2016

The LCMS is a praying church. On July 16, 2016, 25,000 youth and adults will gather for the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. As participants prepare for the opening Mass Event, we invite the church at large to share posts of prayer, support, and encouragement for all those attending in person.

Your messages will be a blessing to all who view them through the social streams that evening. As Gathering participants enter the dome, your messages will appear on the ribbon boards around the Dome. This is one way our local communities can show their love and support to those attending the event.

Join us and help lift up #NYG2016 participants us by using the hashtag #thisisMYchurch on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Let’s send messages of hope, love, and encouragement into our social streams to wrap the entire Gathering in prayer.


How You Can Encourage Participants

Step #1 – Change Your Cover Photo

Choose from one of these options below.

For Facebook
NYG_facebook_coverPhoto01 NYG_facebook_coverPhoto03


For Twitter


Step #2 – Change Your Profile Picture

Download the Gathering App from your Google Play or App Store.

Open the Photo Frame page and create your new profile picture using the free photo frame. Add it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Step #3 – Social Media on July 16, 2016

Express your love, support, and encouragement on social media using #NYG2016 AND #thisisMYchurch

Here are images you can share on Facebook and Instagram:

NYG_facebook_Photo02 NYG_facebook_Photo01

Sample Tweets

  • To all those at #NYG2016: We love you & we’re praying for you. #thisisMYchurch —> Tweet This!
  • I love you all & I’ll be praying for you this week. #thisisMYchurch #NYG2016 —> Tweet This!
  • Praying that God guides the hearts & minds of this year’s #NYG2016 participants. #thisisMYchurch —> Tweet This!
  • Dear God, please work in the hearts of all those attending #NYG2016. #thisisMYchurch –> Tweet This!
  • 25k people at #NYG2016, I’m praying for all of them this week! #thisisMYchurch —> Tweet This!

Sample Facebook Post
Dear Heavenly Father, please watch over the participants of the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. May your Holy Spirit be at work through the Bible studies, presentations, mass events, and worship service. Protect #NYG2016 this week and may it be a moment in the lives of these youth and adults that focuses their minds on You and reminds them of the love You have already so graciously showered upon them through the death and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. #NYG2016 #thisisMYchurch

Thanks for supporting the young people in your congregation and community!

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LCMS Youth Ministry leads, serves, resources and networks youth and adults as a community of God's people where Jesus Christ is the central focus. Every three years, LCMS Youth Ministry hosts the LCMS Youth Gathering. The 2016 Gathering marks the 13th Gathering since 1980. Learn more about other resources and events hosted by LCMS Youth Ministry at