Fasm Fasm

We are blessed to have the talents of Fasm, otherwise known as Aaron Vickery, on the stage tonight.  Armed with a spray can and his God-given gifts, he has been producing graffiti art since the early 1990’s.  He uses his art to give viewers an eternal perspective to a world that needs Jesus.

A graffiti artist born and raised in Modesto, CA, Fasm rebelled in his teen years by tagging illegally. Five years later, he was abruptly reminded of how much grace covers and that God is a loving Father that desires us to be in relationship with Him. Now for twenty years, Fasm and the Gospel Graffiti Crew have been seeking the Lord’s will with graffiti. Building relationships with graffiti artists and living in the joy of being forgiven is Fasm’s desire for the remainder of his life. He has a wife and three kids and does murals and branding for a living under the company name Fasm Creative.

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