Welcome and Introductions
Opening Prayer

2019 LCMS Youth Gathering Leadership Team Definitions

  • Primary Adult Leader – Provides primary leadership and guidance to the team throughout the Gathering experience. All communication between the Gathering Office and the congregation is handled by this individual.
  • Adult Leader – Assists the Primary Adult Leader with all Gathering duties and provides additional leadership and support to youth and team.
  • Steering Team (Recommended for larger groups) – Provides direct leadership and guidance to Adult Leaders throughout the Gathering experience. The steering committee may consist of Adult Leaders, youth participants, parents, church staff, etc.
  • Youth Leaders (Suggested as a way to nurture leadership from within youth) – Youth who work with their Adult Leaders to provide a leadership example to their peers throughout the Gathering experience.

Gathering at a Glance

  • Serving in a leadership capacity for the LCMS Youth Gathering takes hard work and true dedication to youth. The entire leadership team is charged with providing excellence in programming, preparation and implementation of the Gathering experience for your congregation’s youth and their families.
  • If the congregation has not attended past Gatherings, consider showing the following Gathering videos:

Online LCMS Youth Ministry resources

  • Gathering website: Take some time to familiarize your team with the Gathering website and all the tools found there noting that resources will continue to be added to the website
  • Gathering Adult Leader Facebook Group: Connect with over 2,500 other Gathering Adult Leaders to ask questions, discuss youth ministry-related topics and be mutually encouraged as we together prepare for the Gathering.
  •” Your one-stop shop for free LCMS Youth Ministry resources. New Bible studies, devotions, skits, games, youth culture articles and blog posts are added every week.

Leadership Criteria
No matter how sophisticated the program may be, the success or failure of the LCMS Youth Gathering is largely dependent on the qualities displayed by a congregational group’s leadership team. Here are key points to discuss:

  • Must be at least 21 years old at the time of the Gathering.
  • Agree to the applicable Adult Leader Job Description.
  • Able to minister to the needs and dynamics of the group attending.
  • Be approved by ____________ (pre-determine whose approval Adult Leaders may need to shepherd the youth to the Gathering. Pastor? Elders? Youth Board? Steering Committee?)
  • Financial commitment of __________ (pre-determine what expenses your Adult Leaders will be responsible for, or if the church will cover their cost)
  • Submit all necessary forms by the time online data entry begins (Fall 2018) as set by the Primary Adult Leader.

Any Questions? What is the interest level of the team at this point?

Additional Information you may want to address at this point:

  • Rooming Assignments
    • If  housing adults with youth in a hotel room, we recommend that adults have their own bed. Youth have the opportunity to list 4-6 roommates upon registration.
  • Adult Leader Costs
    • Registration & Programming
    • Hotel
    • Food
    • Transportation

Future Meetings

  • Determine Future Adult Leader Meetings – how many and when
  • Determine Community Group Meetings – adults + youth – how many and when
  • Determine Fundraisers – when, how many, and what type (find Gathering fundraising ideas here)
  • Determine Payment Schedule – dates and amounts (*try to break down payments into $200 increments so it does not become overwhelming at the end to write one big check)

Closing Prayer
NOTE: For additional assistance with any of these concepts, please have your Primary Adult Leader email the Gathering Office via the “Contact Us” form on the website or at You will be connected to the team member who can further answer your questions.