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Gathering History

1980: Fort Collins, CO

Main Theme: “Rejoice in His Presence”
Central Focus: Three Articles of the Apostles' Creed
Sub-Themes (Daily): Earth, Fire, Water, Wind

1983: San Antonio, TX

Main Theme: "Amigos de Cristo”€
Central Focus: Luther’s explanation to the Third Article

1986: Washington, D.C.

Main Theme: "On Wings Like Eagles”€
Central Focus: Isaiah 40:28-31
Sub-Themes (Daily): Faith, Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Hope

1989: Denver, CO

Main Theme: "Blessed in the Journey”€
Central Focus: Seasons of the Church Year
Sub-Themes (Daily): Beginning, Struggle/Sorrow, Victory, Faith/Becoming, Celebration

1992: New Orleans, LA

Main Theme: "Time for Joy”€
Central Focus: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Sub-Themes (Daily): A Time to Gather, A Time to be Born, A Time to Dance, A Time to Embrace, A Time to Scatter

1995: San Antonio, TX

Main Theme: "River of Light”€
Central Focus: Psalm 46:4
Sub-Themes (Daily): First Light, One Light, Points of Light, High Delight, River of Light

1998: Atlanta, GA

Main Theme: "Called to Be”€
Central Focus: Romans 1:6
Sub-Themes (Daily): Called to Behold, Called to Belong, Called to Be Me, Called to Be Free, Called to Be Servants

2001: New Orleans, LA

Main Theme: “Higher Ground”
Central Focus: Colossians 3:1
Sub-Themes (Daily): Battle Ground, Victory Ground, Dangerous Ground, Holy Ground, Solid Ground, Common Ground, Higher Ground

2004: Orlando, FL

Main Theme: "Beyond Imagination”€
Central Focus: Ephesians 3:20-21
Sub-Themes (Daily): Power, Truth, Love, Praise, Live

2007: Orlando, FL

Main Theme: "Chosen”€
Central Focus: I Peter 2:9/Book of I Peter
Sub-Themes: CHOSEN in Christ; CHOSEN with Others; CHOSEN to the World

2010: New Orleans, LA

Main Theme: "We Believe”€
Central Focus: John 20:31

2013: San Antonio, TX

Main Theme: "Live Love(d)”€
Central Focus: 1 John 4:10
Sub-Themes (Daily): Beloved, De-loved, Love LIVED, Live LOVED, Live Love

2016: New Orleans, LA

Main Theme: "In Christ Alone"
Central Focus: Philippians
Sub-Themes (Daily): Joy, Identity, Humility, Community, In Christ Alone We Stand

2019: Minneapolis, MN

Main Theme: "Real. Present. God."
Central Focus: Psalm 46
Sub-Themes (Daily): Real, Present, God.