You’re not alone! Sometimes a leader can get nervous as the responsibilities of leading a youth group to the Gathering begin to mount.

If you are a new leader for the 2019 LCMS Gathering, you will want to tune in to this blog.  You will get to know Kathy, a volunteer youth leader and full time professional – who has successfully navigated her youth through the wonderful experience of multiple Gatherings. See what Kathy has learned through trial and error, faith and planning. Follow her as she shares insights and experiences to support you in your role. She will point you in the right direction, help you find the right resources and assure you of our Real. Present. God. as you walk together to lead youth in ministry.

Watch “Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader!”
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 1 of 6)
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 2 of 6)
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 3 of 6)
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 4 of 6)
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 5 of 6)
Help! I’m a Volunteer Leader! (Post 6 of 6)

About the Author: Kathy Wilharm
Kathy is a member of Immanuel in Elmhurst, Illinois where she lives with her husband Keith and her dog Mac.  She has two children who have been blessed by attending the Gathering, both of whom have or are attending public universities. Kathy is a Vice President of Product Development at CCC Information Services Inc, located in downtown Chicago.  She has worked in technology her whole career, mostly at CCC.  She is a graduate of Concordia University, River Forest.

Email Kathy:
Twitter: @kathy_wilharm