Dome Events General Information



Dome Events include four nightly Mass Events and the Wednesday morning Worship Service taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Doors Open
The doors to the Mercedes –Benz Superdome will open one hour before the event begins (7:30 p.m./8:30 a.m.).

Champions Square
On Saturday-Tuesday evenings, entertainment will be available at Champions Square prior to the opening of the doors. Beverage sales will be available at Champions Square and on the Plaza Level outside the dome. Enhanced food options will be available on Saturday, the opening night, for later arriving groups. Concessions will not be available on Wednesday morning.

Floor Seating
Everyone will have an opportunity to have a seat on the floor of the dome. Each evening a portion of Gathering participants will have exclusive access to the floor and floor activities. There will be a separate “Floor Seating Entrance” to the dome at Gate G which is on the west side of the dome (see map). Each participant’s wristband has a secondary color. Only one color will be admitted through the floor seating entrance each evening and follow the signs to “Floor Seating Gate G”.
Wristbands with these secondary colors will be allowed in this order:

  • Saturday night: Yellow wristbands
  • Sunday night: Black wristbands
  • Monday night: White wristbands
  • Tuesday night: Green wristbands
  • Wednesday Worship is open seating. Open entrances will be for all participants.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome Map. Gates B-C (next to Champions Square) serve as the main entrance to Dome Events. Gate G is for floor seating only. Gate A is for special guests and those with special needs.

Food Service
Concessions will be open in the evenings (only) at the Superdome during the one hour warm-up. Sodas, bottled water and other stadium food (chicken tenders, nachos, hot dogs, french fries) will be available for purchase.

Food Restrictions
The Mercedes-Benz Superdome will not allow participants to bring meals into the Superdome. Personal water containers will be allowed, and please keep it to one per person. Limited, individually wrapped snacks will be allowed for those with health concerns.

Bag Check
In addition to going through turn-stiles, you will be asked to open all backpacks for inspection. Also, the Superdome requires that ONLY official Gathering backpacks be brought to the Superdome. Please help to expedite the entrance process by having your bag opened allowing the security personnel to check your bags and backpacks. Also, if applicable, groups might consider consolidating backpacks for the evening program.

Parking at the Dome
Parking at the Dome is available for vehicles for $20.00. Use Parking Lot 6 on the North side of the Dome accessed from Sugar Bowl Lane.