All posts relating to volunteering at the Gathering. From YAVs to CLBs to servant events, this is the place to find volunteer information for the LCMS National Youth Gathering.

A Helping Hand

At the Gathering, prepared events can take unexpected turns. Unforeseen group dynamics or all-too-common changes to the plan can threaten an enriching Gathering experience. Here is the hope: you have someone at the Gathering who has been there, done that, and now has the t-shirt to help you out. Let me introduce to some key Gathering volunteers… Continue reading

Communion of Saints

One of the things I appreciate about the preparation that comes with attending a LCMS Youth Gathering is the intentional focus on relationship building and community activities. This intentionality is critical in maintaining Christian fellowship beyond Gathering years. This is where district events can play an important role in providing encouragement through fellowship. Continue reading

Just For Me

At this stage in my past Gathering planning, I discovered an interesting twist. What came out of the woodwork was a number of college-aged students who expressed an interest in attending the Gathering. Continue reading