Community Building

All posts related to community building toward the Gathering.

Sending Out

While there may only be a certain number of individuals from your church who will be attending the 2016 Youth Gathering in New Orleans, this event truly involves the whole congregation. At this stage in your preparation, your congregation has … Continue reading

Commissioning Service

Provided below is a commissioning service to be used in a congregational setting, worship service, or special meeting for Gathering participants and their families. The pastor or leader may invite the youth and adults going to the Gathering to the … Continue reading

Communion of Saints

One of the things I appreciate about the preparation that comes with attending a LCMS Youth Gathering is the intentional focus on relationship building and community activities. This intentionality is critical in maintaining Christian fellowship beyond Gathering years. This is where district events can play an important role in providing encouragement through fellowship. Continue reading

Group Building Games

One of your primary responsibilities as an Adult Leader is to develop significant relationships with students. Building relationships can be intimidating. This document is designed with tips to help you. The goal is to empower you and your adult team … Continue reading

Gathering Covenants

Covenants have been made throughout history. They are a promise or agreement between two or more people and of absolute importance for a good Gathering experience. The first covenant we know of was made by God with humankind after the … Continue reading