All posts that are written in regard to assisting adult leaders as they move toward the gathering.

thisisMYchurch at #NYG2016

#thisisMYchurch at #NYG2016 The LCMS is a praying church. On July 16, 2016, 25,000 youth and adults will gather for the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. As participants prepare for the opening Mass Event, we invite the church at large to share posts of … Continue reading

Sending Out

While there may only be a certain number of individuals from your church who will be attending the 2016 Youth Gathering in New Orleans, this event truly involves the whole congregation. At this stage in your preparation, your congregation has … Continue reading

Commissioning Service

Provided below is a commissioning service to be used in a congregational setting, worship service, or special meeting for Gathering participants and their families. The pastor or leader may invite the youth and adults going to the Gathering to the … Continue reading

A Helping Hand

At the Gathering, prepared events can take unexpected turns. Unforeseen group dynamics or all-too-common changes to the plan can threaten an enriching Gathering experience. Here is the hope: you have someone at the Gathering who has been there, done that, and now has the t-shirt to help you out. Let me introduce to some key Gathering volunteers… Continue reading