All posts relating to financial issues and support for the Gathering.

Sample Budgets

Determining your group’s budget is an important step in your pre-Gathering preparations. Here are two sample budgets from the 2013 Gathering submitted by veteran Adult Leaders to give examples of how to organize a budget and track youth’s individual accounts. … Continue reading

Gathering Budget Worksheet

This tool helps you budget for your group’s specific needs at the Gathering. It summarizes expenses including Gathering registration, travel, housing, food, etc. and allows you to include additional funding needs should your group choose to extend your stay in … Continue reading

Fundraising Resources

Fundraising. It’s a necessary part of your Gathering preparations. Sometimes it can seem like too big of a beast to tackle but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. The YouthESource, your one-stop shop for all LCMS Youth Ministry resources, … Continue reading

FUNdraising Ideas

Money. It is a necessary part of getting to an LCMS Youth Gathering, but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult. Through the means of social media, veteran Gathering Adult Leaders have shared some great tips and tricks for … Continue reading