How to get to know your youth beyond “How’s school?”

Relationship Building Tools with Youth: One of your primary responsibilities (and gifts) as an Adult Leader is to develop significant relationships with students. This might seem intimidating at times, so here are some tools to help empower you to initiate relationships with students and demonstrate your interest in them.

Dive deeper with your fellow leaders: In an ideal situation, Adult Leaders would have an Adult Leader only meeting before a meeting with youth. You can use this resource at that gathering as well to get to know each other and practice using these tools.

Also, as a group of Adult Leaders, you could take the Myers Brigg personality quiz at and discuss how this information helps you work together. Which adults on your team are the early risers or the night owls? Who is a planner and who just goes with the flow? (and if you have an early riser/planner – you hit the jackpot and should immediately encourage them to attend the morning adult leader meetings!)                                                                  


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