Frequently Asked Questions / Why should young adults (aged 19-25) apply as a Young Adult Volunteer?

Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) have the unique opportunity to work “behind the scenes”€ and help the Gathering run smoothly. While their primary role is to serve the participants, they are also able to experience some elements of the Gathering along the youth and Adult Leaders.

The LCMS Youth Gathering is also the largest gathering for young adults in the entire LCMS! While they serve, YAVs will meet hundreds of other Lutheran young adults and form new friendships. A great amount of community is cultivated within this group of young people.

The LCMS Youth Gathering’s primary focus is for Youth Participants between the ages of 14 to 19. We suggest that students who are 19 and older, one year out of high school, and have been to at least one previous Gathering apply to be a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV). Find more information and how to apply to be a YAV here.

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