Frequently Asked Questions / Can I bring my family (babies, younger children, pre-teens, additional adults like spouses, grandparents, etc.) to the Gathering?

While LCMS Youth Ministry understands the importance of family and values family experiences centered around God’s Word and Sacraments, the LCMS Youth Gathering is specifically intended for youth aged 14 -€“ 19 years old. Teenagers are at an important stage of life developmentally, socially and spiritually where values and beliefs are personally sought out and formed. Subject matter taught and discussed at the Gathering is intentionally and carefully created and presented for a teenage audience. We thank you for respecting this guideline and for prayerfully supporting your youth before, during, and after the Gathering.

LCMS Youth Ministry has provided a recommended youth-to-adult ratio to provide an appropriate number of spots for all youth who wish to attend. The ratio allows for a nurturing environment that respects the youth’s desire for individualism and autonomy.

# of Youth # of Adults
2-6 2-4
7-13 3-5
14-20 4-6
21-27 5-7
28-34 6-8
35-41 7-9
42-48 8-10



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