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Standards for acceptable use of the official 2010 National LCMS Youth Gathering identity mark:

Proportions should remain consistent to the original design and not be distorted, redrawn, or recomposed. 

No alternate fonts can substitute for the typographic elements within the mark.

The mark should not be used on any background that would interfere with the legibility or ability to be recognizable. 

No elements may be removed from or added to the mark.

The mark, being asymmetrical itself, works best when placed asymmetrically--especially when over text that is ‘centered’. The cross element in the mark is the piece that should be centered over the text, not the entire mark itself.

Slightly rotating the mark, 5 to 10 degrees to the right helps maintain the energetic, youthful quality.

The mark can be sized as needed, taking care that proportions remain exact. It shouldn’t be reduced below 1” by .5124” for the sake of readability. 

The mark must include a proportional clear space.

Style Guide

Download the logo in color with a white background.

Download the logo in color with a yellow background.

Download the logo in black and white.

If you would like a .png or .eps file of the logo please contact




Gathering Slides:

To use the Gathering slides click on one of the links below. Once you click on one of the links an image will appear in your browser window. Right click anywhere on the image and select "Save Picture (Image) as..." You will need to repeat this process for each image.

Gathering Poster Slide (Sized to fit into Powerpoint)

Gathering Slide - Poster Background with logo

Gathering Slide - Poster Background

Gathering Slide - Dark Cityscape with logo #1

Gathering Slide - Dark Cityscape with logo #2

Gathering Slide - Dark Grunge Background with logo

Program Life Resources:


Gathering Registration Resources:




Family Group Resources:

Tips from Adults in Youth Ministry

Family Group Adult Leader: Responsibilities and Expectations

NYG Leadership Informational Meeting

FGAL Personal Information Form

Tips from Seasoned Gathering Veterans



DCE Brian Steward is blogging about the Gathering at thESource.

Young Adult Volunteer