Monthly Archives: August 2014

Gathering Update: Logo Reveal

Please scroll down in the box below to read the August 2014 Gathering Update featuring the 2016 logo reveal. Receive this information directly but signing up to receive monthly Gathering Updates.

FUNdraising Ideas

Money. It is a necessary part of getting to an LCMS Youth Gathering, but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult. Through the means of social media, veteran Gathering Adult Leaders have shared some great tips and tricks for … Continue reading

Gathering Covenants

Covenants have been made throughout history. They are a promise or agreement between two or more people and of absolute importance for a good Gathering experience. The first covenant we know of was made by God with humankind after the … Continue reading

The 2016 Gathering Logo

The 2016 LCMS National Youth Gathering logo is here! The logo incorporates a mosaic-like fleur de lis, the stylized lily or iris that is a familiar symbol of New Orleans, with a distinctive cross in its center. Erica Schwan, Design … Continue reading

Social Media Kit

Check out the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering social media kit full of fun backgrounds for your Facebook or Twitter page. Update your congregational group’s pages and profiles with the 2016 look. Check back for more social media assets as we … Continue reading